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NGTF and NEPAL HILFIE TRIOL -Austria (Wolfgang Nairz )joint effort of distribution It was another wonderful day for NGTF and NEPAL HILFIE TRIOL -Austria (Wolfgang Nairz )joint effort of distribution of nearly 40000 aluminum corrugated roof distribution to 2 VDC RAULUKA DEVI AND SUBDARDEVI ward no 2,3 Chilaunay village and Ward no 5,6,7 . SUBDARDEVI. jointtwo On top of that We also distributed 5000 meters of 32inch of rubber pipe for clean drinking water connection from the mountain spring water source for the village of Bangari , kowlay and Tame . jointthree The distribution took about nearly over 6 hours and it was wonderful to see happy faces . They were all very happy and thankful for this precious gift . I want to personally thank my dear mountain friend Wolfie and his team for this very generous fund provided to Ngtf to help the people of Nepal specially As the monsoon is on full force and this aluminum corrugated sheet will be well used to have roof over their head which is so important for them to stay dry after the devastating earthquake that completely destroyed their homes. jointfour Lastly I want to thank my NGTF team Bandi nima , Sanjit Shrestra Ramash Mahat , Achut Nupaney, appa sherpa ,Ravi SIGDEL , Dorje wangchuk lama , Sury rai , naresh Rana , Binita Kc and Gopal. You guys were fantastic and contribution and effort is very much appreciated. jointfive Lastly I want to thank ARJUN BANDARI , bhudiman Tamang on their effort of coordinating with the villages and NGTF . Please help and continue your donation to NGTF account so that we can buy more aluminum corrugated sheet for distribution to still very needed villages up in the remote areas . Thank u jointsix Dhanyabad and JAI NEPAL