Tenzing Sherpa

Explorer, Researcher, Philanthropist & Motivational Speaker Tashi Tenzing Tashi Tenzing is an explorer, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Living in Kathmandu, Nepal with his wife Bandi Nima Sherpa , he has followed in the footsteps of his grandfather...

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Tenzing Norgay everest

It took 18 more years and seven tries for my grandfather to make it to the top. For him, reaching the summit was always a simple, honest, honorable quest. It was something he did not for medals, money or fame but for himself. Getting there was enough....

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Chilaune Lower secondary school

Chilaune Lower secondary school Shree Chilaune School was established in the year 1992 AD. The school had been running Grade 1-6 classes catering to young students of Chilaune Village Development Committee (then). The 2015 Nepal earthquake that shook...

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