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A dear friend visit our home - Wolfgang Nairz (Wolfie) and his beautiful wife Etti ..Kathmandu.

So far NGTF has made it a point to thank all of its numerous donors and friends from all over the world in our past reports, with whose contributions we have been able to carry out our aid relief work to various Mountain villages over the last 5 - 6 weeks. Areas ranging from the Mountain Village of Thame in the everest region to villages in the East, North, South and West of Kathmandu Valley.

But there is a very valuable and personal friend of mine who is also a friend to NGTF, he is a veteran mountaineer from Innsbruck, Mr. Wolfgang Nairz. He has scaled Mount Everest in 1978 and is the Chairman of NEPAL HILFE TIROL. I had invited Mr. Wolfgang Nairz and his wife for dinner today, during which we were able to enjoy a good meal, discuss all the initiatives that NGTF had taken so far and the future aid relief work that we had in store. We also got to an understanding whereby Mr. Wolfgang Nairz would join us for a visit to one of the villages that we plan on providing relief to. This will give him an idea as to the extent of the destruction caused by the earthquakes and the impact that NGTF has made in the community.

The NEPAL HILFE TIROL organisation has made a substantial contribution towards the relief aid work being undertaken by NGTF, to help those affected by the devastating earthquakes that took place on the 25th of April and the 12th of May. This natural disaster has managed to rock the entire country, leaving several families homeless and accounting for thousands of lives being lost.

NGTF would like to give special THANKS to NEPAL HILFE TIROL and their team with a specific reference to Wolfgang (Wolfie) who believed and trusted in our organisational working ethics, accountability, hard-work and dedication towards what we do. Over the last 5 weeks NGTF has been tirelessly helping the victims of the recent Earthquakes that terrorised and traumatised the entire country.

We are a small NGO in Nepal but we have most definitely made a huge positive impact on the rural population of our country (the mountain people). By contributing much needed essentials such as food and shelter, we have brought about hope and positivity which we believe is vital during these hard times that is being faced by Nepal.

Tashi Tenzing

Tashi was born in Darjeeling, India on 30 Nov, 1965 - youngest son of Pem Pem who is Tenzing Norgay's eldest daughter. Tenzing, with Sir Edmund Hillary, made the first ascent of Everest on 29th May 1953. Tashi's mother is also a climber. She was a member of the 1959 International Women's Expedition to Cho Oyu, in Nepal - the 7th highest mountain in the world - an expedition which ended tragically in the death of two climbers.


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