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Aid Relief Work - Bangari Village, Tamang Community.

Aim: 1. To hand over new Aluminium Sheets for the construction of their temporary homes.
2. For measurement of new school uniforms for 3 schools at Sundardevi Village.
Ward Number 4, 8 and 9. Total number of Children from Primary to Lower secondary school - 400.

Yesterday was truly a very busy and tiring day for our foundation members. We also had a few additional members to our team, more specifically 2 tailors from Kathmandu had joined us so that they would be able to take the measurements of the children for their new school uniforms. Moreover we had to take an entire load of Aluminium Corrugated sheets (9 feet long) weighing over 700 kgs for the villagers of Bangari, as their entire village was decimated by the earthquake. These Aluminium Corrugated sheets were generously funded by the ROTARY CLUB - BALWYN - MELBOURNE.

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Our team of 9 NGTF staff left in the early hours of dawn around 6 am, headed for Nuwakot (Sundardevi VDC) with 2 Toyota Hiluxes and 1 truck, all the vehicles were loaded and ready to move out. We arrived at our school around 10 am and it was wonderful to see all the children so happy and back in school. Our 2 tailors wasted no time, they set themselves up in the hall brought out their note books and measurement taps and began their work. Measuring all the children from year 1 to year 8. After almost 2 hours we were able to complete the first phase of our work. We then headed up another 5 kms, through the roughest 4 wheel drive (not for the faint hearted) to Bangari Village. On arriving at the village we got an amazing warm welcome by the entire community, it was very emotional and wonderful to see them all happy and positive after what they have had to go through during the last month. Flowers and white scarfs were presented to our entire NGTF staff and they even put a few on the Hiluxes. After completing all the greetings and celebrations we then handed over the "Children gift package" to all the 70 primary wing children. They were so joyful when receiving their gifts, most of them were more concentrated towards the Kinder Joy chocolates. Some of them were quite surprised as to what it was, as they had never seen such an item before. My wife Nima showed them how to eat this yummy chocolate and construct the little toys that was in them, we could then see huge smiles on all the children's faces.


We then patiently waited for the main item to arrive to the village and we could see the excitement in the eyes of all the villagers. This very expensive Aluminium sheets were bought for them so that they could build their temporary homes out of it. We waited and waited and finally got a call that the truck had broken down, there seemed to be a problem with the truck's axle and it was not likely that the truck would be able to make it up-hill to the village. Achyut was quick to fix the problem, he managed to get another truck that could carry the load of over 700 kgs to the village. In the meantime we had a look around the village and had several chats with the villagers with regards to the village problems. My wife and I also attended a 49 days of Puja (prayer) preformed by two monks for a young mother, who had lost her daughter Susma in the earthquake, she was only a year and a half old. The mother had gone to the fields to work and had left her daughter fast asleep in a bamboo basket inside the house (this is a normal practice in the villages), then suddenly the earthquake struck. When the earthquake did settle down it was too late for her to get inside the house to save her daughter as the entire house had collapsed to the ground. The mother had been continuously weeping, even after 49 days of her loss, looking at the effigy of her daughter made by the monks at the Puja (prayer ceremony) she wept even more. Nima donated some money to her so that she could pay for the puja and give her some words of hope. It will most definitely take her some time to heal form such a grave loss. I felt emotionally weighed down on seeing the mother continuously cry, as I will never be able to feel the loss of her daughter. We can only hope and pray that her daughter is now resting in peace.


We then had some good news, the truck had finally arrived with the aluminium sheets but only half the load was brought. Nonetheless we could see that everyone around us was very happy. We distributed the sheets to 30 homes and once the truck was emptied it went back down for the second load of aluminium sheets. Thus began the patient wait for the second load to be brought up to the village. By this stage it was nearly 7 pm, it was getting dark and the moon seemed full and was rising from the east. When the truck did arrive it was around 8 pm, we then continued the distribution of the aluminium sheets till the completion of our mission. At the end of it we had distributed temporary roofs to over 60 homes and there was plenty of singing, dancing and happy faces all around. For us it was time to head back to Kathmandu (90 km drive). We left the village around 8:30 pm and then arrived at our home round about 11 pm, had a nice shower and then straight to bed.


Overall it was a very long day but a job well done by the NGTF team. I have to thank my NGTF staff for their dedication and hard work. We all believe that it was worth every minute and second while helping those in need just to see the village folks so innocently happy and positive.

The village community and the entire NGTF team would like to THANK the PRESIDENT of the ROTARY CLUB - BALWYN - MELBOURNE for their kind generosity and support in funding the Aluminium roofs for the entire village of Bangari - Ward no 9 - Nuwakot district.

Lastly as Founder of NGTF, my wife Nima and I would like to say Thanks mates, to Mr. Trevor White and Mr. Warwick Manderson for organising this project and bringing it to life. May God bless you all. NAMASTE FROM NEPAL.

Next update:
The Village folks are busy getting their new roofs fixed by themselves, I will be personally visiting them at end of this week and getting fresh pictures of the new Aluminium sheets over their homes and as to how these sheets are helping them Form temporary shelters before the monsoon arrives.

Tashi Tenzing

Tashi was born in Darjeeling, India on 30 Nov, 1965 - youngest son of Pem Pem who is Tenzing Norgay's eldest daughter. Tenzing, with Sir Edmund Hillary, made the first ascent of Everest on 29th May 1953. Tashi's mother is also a climber. She was a member of the 1959 International Women's Expedition to Cho Oyu, in Nepal - the 7th highest mountain in the world - an expedition which ended tragically in the death of two climbers.


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