Achyut, Amelia Hillary and myself headed to our Sundara Devi Lower secondary School this morning to distribute special packages for children before the start of their first term, which will be this coming Sunday. After nearly a month of chaos, two devastating earthquakes, several tremors and aftershocks, that had traumatised all of our over 170 children and left them homeless.

It was indeed very delightful to see so many happy faces at our school and that all of our students seemed to be eagerly waiting to get back to school and learn.

In our special package -meant for children from Kindergarten to year 8- it comprised of story books, colour pencils, crayons, calculators (for year 7-8), T-shirts, tooth brushes and tooth paste. We then ended the day by distributing Kinder Joy chocolates that had toys inside for the kids, this was only meant for the kindergarten and year 5 children and mars bars for the year 6-8 kids.

It always brings about in me an immense feeling of hope and love to see our school children in the village happy and motivated. We hope to rebuild their strength and determination, to carry on learning and moving towards a brighter Nepal.

Tashi Tenzing

Tashi was born in Darjeeling, India on 30 Nov, 1965 - youngest son of Pem Pem who is Tenzing Norgay's eldest daughter. Tenzing, with Sir Edmund Hillary, made the first ascent of Everest on 29th May 1953. Tashi's mother is also a climber. She was a member of the 1959 International Women's Expedition to Cho Oyu, in Nepal - the 7th highest mountain in the world - an expedition which ended tragically in the death of two climbers.

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