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Earthquake aid relief work - May 3

The entire NGTF team of 7 participants, our new member JJ (Jigme Tshering), my sister in law Anita Sherpa, Yonten, Nima Kanchi, Mingma Sherpa and our 2 boys Appa and Tenzing led by Tashi and Nima Tenzing headed to the Sundardevi VDC in early hours at 8 am on Monday.




Loaded with precious cargo onto 3 Hilux’s and 4 truckloads filled with food and solar power sourcing (total weight of around 20,000.00 kg) to be distributed amongst the people. The drive to the determined location is around 3 hours, 78 km to get to our school at Tame. It was indeed a beautiful morning with lots of hairpin corners - we could see Ganesh Himal - as we got closer to the villages we could then see first hand the extensive damage that had been done by the April 25th earthquake. It was indeed very heartbreaking to see numerous houses completely damaged. We all took several photos of the devastation that had been left behind. Not to forget the emotionally crippled look on the people that we met on our way.

We got to the school premises around 11 am and it was a sight for sore eyes to see our school still standing with no structural damage whatsoever. We rang our engineer and told him that he had most definitely done a great job on this building. Please note that this was one of the only two school buildings built by NGTF around 4-5 years back, the building has suffered no damages and is still standing and the children will be going back to school next week. All other Government schools were fully damaged along with the rest of the village; we could see several villagers slowly coming to our school with horrific tales of their encounter with the earthquake.

On reaching the school we then began unloading our cargo and spacing them out into the school hall. We then handed out pre set documents to all the key spokesperson of their respective wards; there were around 1-9 wards. We asked them to fill out an individual’s name from each house that would be responsible for the aid that we had to offer, this way we could also make sure that no one is left out.

After a quick lunch break for the team we then started our aid work from 1 pm, distributing the relief materials till around 8 pm in the night. Thank to the solar lights working well into the night was not an issue. We had people of all ages coming from different wards asking for aid, our team worked efficiently and effectively under pressure, we were able to complete around 70% of our aid relief work. We could smiles on the faces of all the villagers while they walked away with their package of relief materials; this is exactly the type of reaction that we wanted to see. We also had time to play a bit of football with our school children and have a chat with them, they were all in high spirits after seeing the relief effort that we had planned and brought into action for them. We stopped our work around 8 pm realizing that we too had to get back to our homes, which meant a 3-hour drive back. As we got into our jeeps and were ready to drive out, we met with an unfortunate incident, one of our trucks carrying a load of rice had broken its axil and it seemed that we were going to stay in the school for the night but luckily with a few good ideas we managed to get the truck out of the way so that our Hilux’s could pass through. All our NGTF team members were very tired and worn out but were still in high spirits, we left the village around 9 pm and apart from the driver all the members were fast asleep. We finally got home around midnight and everyone just collapsed into their beds. We would like to thank everyone in the team for a job well done.

Tashi Tenzing

Tashi was born in Darjeeling, India on 30 Nov, 1965 - youngest son of Pem Pem who is Tenzing Norgay's eldest daughter. Tenzing, with Sir Edmund Hillary, made the first ascent of Everest on 29th May 1953. Tashi's mother is also a climber. She was a member of the 1959 International Women's Expedition to Cho Oyu, in Nepal - the 7th highest mountain in the world - an expedition which ended tragically in the death of two climbers.


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