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Food aid to Burataki Village, Ward no. 9, 60 houses.

2 Toyota Hilux's loaded with 60 bags of rice, lentils, instant noodles and busicuts accompanied by the NGTF team led by Tashi Tenzing headed 40 km East of Kathmandu. In order to get to our point of destination we had to divert from the Highway onto off-road just before reaching Dolalghat. On reaching the village we noticed that all the Chettri folks had been patiently waiting for our arrival. We were made aware of the situation in this particular village as our vice president of NGTF had received a call from his friend, reporting that the village was completely flattened and had not received any relief aid as yet.


Earthquake aid relief work - May 7

Thursday, 07 May 2015

Just a quick update for today program . We have 2 teams .

1st heading to Duskund village 70 km east of KTM led by Dorji and his assistant Sury with a bus loaded with rice , dhal and instant noodles .. Just left now at 0900 hrs .

2nd team to Kavra led by tashi tenzing for 2 wards of 60 bags of rice and instant noodles and biscuit

At 1000 hrs .

Full report in the evening after we get back .. Stay tuned ... Tomorrow we will take a break after 13 days of non stop aid delivery by our NGTF team

Well done team


Earthquake aid relief work - May 6

Wednesday, 06 May 2015
Just got back from another wonderful aid relief distribution to 2 Tamang village which was completely flatten 140 houses . Tired but happy to see the beautiful smiling faces .. Stay tuned for full report ...

Earthquake aid relief work - May 5

Tuesday, 05 May 2015
I want to Thank personnely Mr & Mrs Karma & Kinley our dear friend who kindly gave us to use their 4 wheel jeep for food delivery to Nuwakot trip fir aid relief work .... Dhanya bhad.
The entire NGTF team of 7 participants, our new member JJ (Jigme Tshering), my sister in law Anita Sherpa, Yonten, Nima Kanchi, Mingma Sherpa and our 2 boys Appa and Tenzing led by Tashi and Nima Tenzing headed to the Sundardevi VDC in early hours at 8 am on Monday.

Earthquake aid relief work - May 2

Saturday, 02 May 2015
Getting ready for tomorrow drive of 3 hrs to our to VDC village Sundardevi around 6 am we have 3 hilux loaded with food , solar panel lights , with 13 friends and family to assist with our relief work at our school .

We have just arrived from Thame to Kathmandu . Very tired but very relief and happy that we could bring smile back in the village .


Earthquake aid relief work - April 30

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Finally we have distributed to 2 villages which constitute a total of 110 houses in Upper Thame, Lower Thame and Thame monastery. They seemed very happy with what we had in store for them.


Earthquake aid relief work - April 29

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

I m absolutely speechless and tears in my eyes what I have just seen in Thame 100% houses are destroyed. Over 50 homes are gone . It's going to take a long time to get these homes back on ground .. My grandparents hours is completely gone .


Earthquake aid relief work - April 28

Tuesday, 28 April 2015
Our food supply has now finally arrived, although it was difficult for our suppliers to organise our list of products -due to majority of the shops being closed- they did not let us down.

In May 2012 a group of employees from Brookfield Multiplex Constructions Australia-Victoria and South Australia, were guests of Tashi Tenzing and the Nepal Green Tara Foundation on a trek to the Khumbe Valley region followed by a visit to the new Sundara Devi Primary School in Tame. This was an incredible opportunity for all who undertook this expedition to see and experience the diverse cultures of Nepal, acquire a good understanding of the history of this spectacular region and the Sherpa people and their history in Nepal together with a firsthand understanding of the valuable work being carried out at the school in Tame. We were also exposed to the incredible history of the Everest region and an accurate, first hand, account of the proud history of Sherpa’s contribution both past and present in the many successful, and some unsuccessful and sometimes tragic, expeditions and summits of Mt Everest (Chomo - lungma or Sagarmantha).


Chris Mc Diven visit to School

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


This week my daughter, niece and I have got back to home to Sydney after an amazing trip to Nepal. Our main reason in going was to visit the school we have sponsored Tashi to build, the Sundara Devi school in Tame village. What a wonderful reception we received from the Principal, teachers and children!

They are so excited with their new school, and so they should be as the building is state of the art and wonderfully constructed. Next money needs to be raised to buy teaching aids, books and other equipment and help Tashi with his goal of building a hostel on the site.

As it was Kate’s (my daughter) first visit to Nepal Tashi organised a knowledgeable guide for two days to show us the sights in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. We had a wonderful time exploring the old cities.

But the highlight for us all was the early morning helicopter flight from Kathmandu up to Kongde Resort to have breakfast at 19,000 feet looking straight at Mt Everest and then back to Kathmandu via Lukla in time for lunch. If we didn’t have such amazing photos to prove we were there we probably would think we had dreamt it!

Chris McDiven AM


On October 20th 2011, Our special guest and our main donor from Brookfield Multiplex Sydney Australia with a team of 9 friends and our Chief Guest Dr Ram Sharan Mahat along with Alision Mirams officially opened the new building of the School. About 600 people attended the function. It was a great day for the 200 children and the people of Tame village to see the new school and specially for the parents  who were very emotional and happy that their children will be able to get good education in a clean and new enviorment of the new school facilities.  Alision Mirams and our chief guest presented their speeches and inspired the children of the Sundar Devi Lower School.They were both very happy and impressed of teh school building and congratulated NGTF team for their hard work and deidaction for the village of Tame and the children.  The function lasted for 3 hours . Our founder of NGTF Tashi Tenzing was very emotional with his speech to the guest as he had woked so hard for the last 7 months and it was very happy moment for Tashi Tenzing and his team at NGTF to hand over the school to Mr Rajan Patak the head master.


For the first time the Children celebrated  the International Student Year with a cultutral local dance competition by the 4 houses in the school . TENZING HOUSE , HILLARY HOUSE, SAGARMATHA HOUSE, PASANG LHAMU HOUSE .  Our Chief Guest for the function was our founding member of NGTF Tashi Tenzing.

It was a great day and the children had parctise for a week to present their dance . The student presented their 1 dance with great joy and full of life with beatifull and traditional costumes that they put on. They all looked beautiful and then choice of the music was very tasteful and very local. The judges presented the final result which was very close. 

1st prize went to Hillary House , 2nd Tenzing House and 3rd Pasang Lhamu house. They all received the prizes with their medals.  The children were very happy and it was the first time to celebrate the Student Year in our new School building built by NGTF.  Our special thanks goes to MISS Seima Subedi teacher who spent many hours with the children teaching and choreography the dances that the children had learned. Our thanks  to the Head Master Mr Rajan Patak and all the teachers of Sundardevi Lower Secondary School on organising the function.


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